Host 1.0.2, memory creep and crashing.

Hi Chaps.

I've been suffering a bit of a weird problem with my Host 1.0.2 on my Mac.
I'm running Yosemite, on my macbook pro, 8GB Ram, 2.66 Core2.

Basically Repetier seems to build up a Memory Pressure usage issue (as can be found in the Activity Monitor), where it starts off using very little memory (currently 220mb), but over time this builds up to using over 5GB or more. Eventually this locks the computer.

CPU load is between 10-15% normally (haven't been able to check the load when the problem occurs yet).

For the most part, this seems to only happen when Repetier is 'Idle' (i.e connected to the printer... A Prusa i3, but not actually working on a job). 
I can run a print and it does it's thing quite happily, but the memory soak seems to occur after the print has finished and it's just sitting there connected. Or at least the problem manifests itself much faster at this point.
This occurs when I am using the mac, and it's not set to go into 'sleep' mode ever.

It also seems to do the same thing over a long print (had one running for about 10 hours yesterday at the point where it failed), whereby it soaks the memory and eventually locks up the Mac and goes into 'not responding' and then automatically quits.

It has done this quite consistently for a while now. The problem is currently combatted by keeping an eye on the print and shutting down repetier as soon as the print is completed. Which is not ideal obviously.

It does come up with a 'report' after it quits unexpectedly... But not sure where they disappear to.

Is anyone else getting this, and does anyone have any ideas or solutions.

Thanks in advance


  • Im testung under macOS Sierra, but that should make no difference regarding memory leakage.
    I have printed a small object with a virtual printer and left it connected. All it does is reporting temperatures but memory did not increase after 3 hours.

    While printing memory will increase as the preview grows and needs more and more ram. But you said explicitly it increases when idle after print, and I can not see that. 3 hours still 100mb like after my test print. How much does it grow for you when idle? If you change connection to virtual printer doe sit still happen and can you give a way to copy the problem. There is no need to wait for 5gb here if it grows 100mb when idle it is a leakage if you are not loading models etc. which also change memory usage.
  • I've just done a small test print.
    At the end of the print the memory usage reported in Activity Monitor was 490mb. (print run time of 40 minutes).
    45 minutes later with the printer connected but idle (no use of Repetier at all, just running in the background) it has risen to 760mb.

    Not entirely sure how to change it to a virtual printer to be honest. But I'll have a look and see if I can work it out.

    I'll report back later (might be in the morning as it's getting late).
  • Just open Printer settings and select virtual printer as port. That would exclude differences in printer. And I also doubt idle printer do 250MB communication in 45 minutes so it should not depend on serial data, but it is better to test if serial connection could be the source.
  • Afternoon...

    I left the printer connected last night for about another hour or so and the memory soaked up to just over 2GB, and then the program crashed.

    I've done the virtual printer thing this morning and after doing an initial little print, the memory usage was around 180mb, I have then left it for a number of hours. It rose to about 360mb in about an hour and has stayed consistently around that mark ever since.

    Looks like the physical connection to the printer may the issue somewhere.
  • Ok, I will try with physical connection then.
  • Hi there...
    Bit of an update.

    After disconnecting from the printer to the virtual one and back again, it seems to have de-bugged what ever it was that was causing an issue.
    The problem seems to be no longer occurring.

    No settings have been changed other than going to virtual and back again.

    So whilst this seems to have resolved itself, I've no idea how.

    Got to love computers!
  • Just see my last answer was not set online:

    Ok, physical connection to arduino Due over serial port does not increase memory usage for me as well. Anything other unusual 

    so that matches your new observation. SO maybe driver related and reconnecting fixed it, who knows what they do ...
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