Manual extrude-retract in windows version

Could anyone help me to manually extrude, the new version(1.0.6) does not seem to have this facility and I like to run some filament before a print.

Also how do I restart a print when it stalls during printing

regards Kell Steinman


  • Manual extrude is still there. At the top you have 3 move areas - xy, z and active extruder. Only a new position.

    Stall can happen with marlin if your data transfer is not error free. Sometimes a different baudrate or other usb cable helps here. Anyway reason is the next command gets send when firmware sends "ok". If bad connection swallows th o or k it is not recogniced. This can happen 1 or 2 times if you have NOT selected ping pong as long as commands fir in not freed buffer. Then you are in trouble. In expert mode manual control shows at the bottom debug options and ok button. The ok button fakes a received "ok" so print should continue.
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