Ideas for new release

Hello, i have few notes which I miss in last version... would be nice, ff they were implemented in a new version:
  1. External commands for each printer: many of us have some kind of ON/OFF equipment with SSH control. I have 3 printers and now i have 8 entries in my system menu. ON/OFF for each printer and ON/OFF for lights. Not optimal. What about add option move these commands to printer menu where "Deactivate, Delete printer...." are in dashboard (for each printer different commands ofc)?
  2. Force default language - yeah, i know i can edit config file, but this working in IE only for me. In Chrome or Firefox still I have EN even when I have correct locale. :(
  3. Some kind of "IP cam commands" for printer cameras. I have PTZ IP camera which can be controled via URL with predefined positions. Would be nice, if i select printer nr. 1, than RS send request to IP cam (simple editable url request) to focus camera on current printer (nr. 1).


  • And one more question... some of my script wont work, i have no idea why? How debug this? If u run sh file from SSH, all be fine, when from extcommands.xml, scripts wont run.
  • Ok, what i just found in auth.log: RepetierServer sudo: repetierserver : command not allowed ; TTY=unknown; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/home/pi/Skripty/ 4 0

    Whats wrong?

  • In Chrome and firefox you can set preferred languages. If one of these is supported, server will show it. So add your language there at first place. Only if no language known is present server wil swtich to default language. SO it honors browser wishes.

    Scripts are run as user repetierserver as you see from auth log. So it is important that repetierserver has permissions to execute it. You might even need to add it in sudoers list to get root permission depending on what you do.

    Per printer commands are ok. I think adding a slug to narrow the list would help here.

    Not so sure about webcam as there are so many different kinds and most users will not be able to do such things and get confused.
  • Added repetierserver to sudo and receiving this error: auth could not identify password for (repetierserver)

    I have only one preffered language in my Firefox - cz, and tried to change cs too.
  • And fyi... my scripts do not need sudo for run. Just calling SSH with parameters ;) in bash without sudo working perfectly.
  • Czech is buggy at the moment as we expect cz and get cs, that is fixed for next release.

    User repetierserver has no password as you can also not login as that user (no shell). Maybe that is part of the problem as all scripts I have done so far use sudo and are in sudoers list so they get executed as root who has a shell.
  • Ok, how to solve this? Already tried chown & chmod uid to root, no change...
  • Do the same as for the shutdown example. Call it with sudo and add the command to sudoers like we show there.
  • Ok, added sudo to xml and added command with repetierserver user to sudoers. Still not working. Tried add with visudo too.
  • So what does it now look like, your xml I mean.
  • These 2 not working...

    <name>Turn lamp ON</name>
    <execute>sudo /home/pi/Skripty/ 4 1</execute>

    <name>Turn lamp OFF</name>
    <execute>sudo /home/pi/Skripty/ 4 0</execute>

  • Something wrong in my xml?
  • you need full path to sudo I think. Except that I see no error.
  • and /home/pi/Skripty/ is not full path? Any ideas how to get this working?
  • Pull path to sude I said: /usr/bin/sudo
    you start first argument so that must be set explicitly. is argument to sudo so with full path there sudo will find but it does not find sudo for now.
  • Ok, tested with full sudo path, still not working.
  • Is repetierserver allowed to sudo without password? Any logs in server.log or syslog?
  • server.log - 2017-05-29 18:43:34: Starting external command /usr/bin/sudo with 3 parameters.

    syslog - nothing

    yes, repetierserver allowed to sudo without password.

  • I seem to be having the same issue as you kissman. Server.log shows same line. Did you resolve this?
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