Changing File Name

Whenever I change a file name, I've noticed that I can not see the g-code associated with it any longer. For some reason, it loses its association with the g-code file.


  • What do you see instead if it is not the gcode? One known bug is that renaming before images are rendered causes you to loose the images. But the gcode file is main thing we look for. So not sure if you meant images lost instead.
  • The only thing that remains is the 3D rendering. Other than that, the 2D tab shows no data and the gcode tab shows no data.
  • Also, even though the gcode and 2D is not viewable after the name change. What I believe is a symbolic link to the gcode file does remain as to the extent of being able to print the part. I can still choose the renamed file and it will print correctly.
  • Ok, could reproduce it. Renaming it self is ok and after a server restart everything is working fine. The problem here are 2 file name references in memory that do not get updated when renaming, which is also why it works after a restart. I have fixed this for next release.
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