Filament Type Remembered

Can you please add the ability for each file to remember what the chosen Filament type is per file. Also, add that to the Print tab after the file name. This way we can easily see what filament we need to have loaded instead of going in and reading the gcode file and looking at the temps.



  • Then filenames would get too long. You can do that by renaming gcode (after rendering is finished) but if you have a 5 extruder print with 5 names this becomes impractical. There is also no way to extract these informations from gcode since it is no gcode and there is no common comment from slicers to say so. In fact all slicers have different ways to add slicer parameter. But normally none says if it is for PLA or ABS etc. It might contain temperatures and fan/speed settings. What I think about is adding a comment field so you can add informations for later to uploaded gcodes. Maybe a way to see comment quickly in interface like over over it to see a bubble with comment.
  • I wasn't recommending adding it to the file name. I was recommending adding a new field to the database so that in the Print tab of the printer, you can see a column of that chosen filament for that file. As for multiple extruders, I see that may make things a bit difficult. Currently I do add a prefix to the filename of PLA, ABS, etc. But as stated in a different bug report, changing the name affects the file links currently.
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    I see we have theoretically a field for it in cost calculation. Only problem is that it is not remembered, but I can change that. That way you can assign each extruder a filament type so you see it again when selecting the the info screen. This will also not clog the windows with informations most users do not need or even have set. What do you think?
  • That would be great. Thanks!
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