Repetier-Host 2.0 interface feedback

so i'm using v2.0.0 for a while now and would like to report a minor issue regarding the new ui style

the fan/bed/hotend buttons in the manual control panel became kind of annoying and error inducing as with the new style they only have 1 icon and 2 colors: gray and blue. problem is that mouseover is the same color of active/inactive depending on the state and it means that when i click to heat up, for example, the bed, the icon goes from gray to blue for a split second then gray again, until i move mouse away.

this makes it a little bit annoying to get the feedback of your click (there are multiple reasons for which a mouse click could not go through) but also makes accidental clicks more dangerous as it would not be immediately obvious that something has been turned on or off.

it would be nice if we could have more colors for mouseover so it is always clear the state in which the button is, or some kind of crossed icon to make obvious the enabled/disabled state


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