Restarting a failed scan

Hi All, I am new here, I have a GEEEtech prusa i3 Pro B, and everything has been working fine.
Today, my Windows 10 laptop froze, and the print stopped dead.
I noted the extruder head position etc from the LCD panel.
Is there anyway to safely restart the Print from the point where it stopped ?


  • It is possible if you have z max homing. Remove gcode before hang home and reset stop condition slike extruder temperature and G92 Ex forposition and go to latest position and continue printing.
  • I am sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about, I am very new to 3D printing. Thanks, Mike
  • If you are new it is not possible:-) You needs some expertise to get the settings right if it is possible at all. As I said you need to be able to home to z max while most printers home to z min so homing would crash nozzle in print making it impossible or dangerous.
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