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Hello all,
i'l new in 3d printer  and i work on mac 10.6.8 when install repetier 0.56 it's ok but in repetier there is a slic3r and in may librayry/support application/slice3r i have a a 3 file filament, print and printer and slic3r.ini but this 3 files is empty and in repetier i don't have access to the roll panel print setting printer setting and filament beacause is empty .
When i slice is ok but when i run g-code he tell me print stopped du errors fix the error and use M999 to restart ( temperature is reset, Set it after restarting). How can i fix the problem with the folder for slic3r
If you have an idea it's great
Thank's a lot in advance to read me and good eveninf for everything


  • You need to open slic3r from the host and save the configuration for print/printer/filament. Then you can select them. At he beginning they are empty, because there are no config files.
  • thank you for your answer
  • I have one more question

    Another problem and i don't no how can i fix this too
    When i run my print  after a few seconds have this message in toggle log < 09:49:09: echo: cold extrusion prevented
    N3273 G1 X101.40 Y87.15 E6.4586 *113
     N3274 M105 *53
     N3275 G1 X101.94 Y87.21 E6.4880 *114
    N3276 G1 X104.20 Y84.96 E6.6591 *123
     : Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered !
    Error:Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)
     echo: cold extrusion prevented
     Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)
    N3277 M105 *54
    N3278 G1 X104.36 Y85.41 E6.6847 *127

    if you have an idea for a beginner thanks a lot yet

  • Looks liek you did not heat up the extruder and firmware did not like it. Check temperature in filament settings. Or your printer is not configured correct and can not heat extruders.
  • after long minutes of research I found the solution just 1 wire unplugged (hot end thermistor) just need to reconnect and i'ts work
    thank you again and good day for you
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