move- migrate Repetier Host

Hi, i buy a new pc, i want move REPETIER HOST and configuraion on this new pc
if i copy repetier host tom y new pc, my configuration for slicer & setting from my printer 3D is not copy!!!
do you  ave solution for me
Thanks to help me


  • Copy host work directory especially CuraEngine folder to copy curaengine settings.
    HOME/AppData/Roaming/Slic3r contains your slic3r settings.

    Registry Software/RepetierHost contains host settings. SO if you have same user name you can copy them with regedit.
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    but i dont understand "registry software"
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  • I mean it is stored in windows registry. You need regedit to import or export parts of this. Repetier-Host stores it' parts under HKEY_CURREN_USER/Software/RepetierHost
  • ha!!!!
    Ok :-)))))))
    i go to the registry for exctract this :-)))))))))))
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