Layer Range Slicing

I would love to see the ability in a future update to allow for setting different slicing parameters between different Layer Ranges. For example say I want to print under normal settings for the bottom or top half of a object to get that thicker more solid object then print using a the Spiral Vase setting on the other half. I think that would be very cool and useful if we could select settings to slice between certain layers or even better between multiple layers. If we could select certain layer ranges to slice differently that would be very cool and useful.

This just came to me while thinking of how to print a Light Fixture for my ceiling fan. It would be nice to have the main rim of it as a thicker solid section as it would need to be for the mounting screws but then have the rest thin and smooth like I get with Spiral Vase.

Anyways... It is just something that I was thinking about.


  • This is nothing we can tell slicers directly as fas as I know. You can do that in slicer directly if you have such fancy requirements. But do not expect it to be easy. You need intersecting stl files where you define properties for intersections.
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