Ubuntu 14.04 - Webcam Setup

Ok, I've followed the Webcam Setup for Linux and the webcam is still not working.

I've researched many things and found out that ffmpeg is not a default in 14.04, but was before and after that OS release. There is a way to install ffmpeg and I followed that by mc3man, and still no good.

Any ideas or should I just install a clean version of Ubuntu 17.04 and start over?


  • ffmpeg has nothing to do with webcam - it converts images to a video later on.

    So is it the webcam not working or the video conversion? For webcam you need to setup mjpg_streamer and enter it in webcam settings so you see it in the interface.

    As alternative to ffmpeg you can install avconv instead which is part of debian distros.
  • I switched to Ubuntu 16.04 and installed ffmpeg because I had read it was needed for the webcams to work.

    Since this is a new install of the 16.04 OS, I will run through the Setting Up webcam document again and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I will try the avconv.

  • Well, I think I'm farther along. I entered the ffmpeg information in the global settings, went through the webcam documentation and get the dropdown to choose USB1. I apply that and it still will not turn the webcam on and record data.

    I will see if I can get the avconv installed and go from there... ugh
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    Ok, got a lot of things video related installed and working outside of the server. The video test with Cheese works great. However that doesn't fix the problem of not getting it to work inside of the server.

    With the Logitech C525, there is an orange light that should turn on and it does not turn on. It turns on when Cheese is running, but not when the server is supposed to turn it on.

    Really stumped, so any info to help would be great.
  • Seems you still have not installed mjpg_streamer - if you had the orange led start to work. Is this the doc you are using:

  • Yeah, have it all installed and followed the directions. I made sure to say No to the Pi part as well.

    I agree that it seems the mjpg-streamer is not functioning properly. I am going to do more work on trying to figure out why.
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    Also, just a side note on the documentation on setting up the webcam. I would like to recommend that in the beginning of the documentation it is stated to make sure the webcam is working with another video capture software like Cheese. This way it will help with setup/troubleshooting by ensuring the camera is working in Linux first.
  • You can also just check if /dev/video0 exists. 
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    Ok, finally figured out why the webcam would not work on Ubuntu 16.04 and may work on other linux platforms.

    mjpgstreamer needed to have the v4l-utils installed and then the webcam server restarted.

    So, for those on Ubuntu and can't get the webcam working, try the following:

    sudo apt install v4l-utils
  • Thanks. Have added it to build dependencies so it gets installed following tutorial now.
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