Gcode text based search and replace.

Sometimes I find I have to create hybrid Gcode to get the result I want. This means cut and paste gcode from several different slicer programs together in the text window. Finding a specific line of gcode in 50,000+ lines of text can be a real chore especially since there is no text based search capability or link to the layer scroll in the 3d viewer. What Would be great would be a standard set of text based search and replace functions and a way to link the Gcode text window scroll to the layer viewer scroll for the 3D model view window. When you are in layer range or single layer mode every time you change the layer the text window jumps to the start of the layer. Maybe add a subscroll ability to jump to the beginning of each non rapid travel segment. Highlight the current segment on the 3d model. If you had a strange move  or a segment you want to tune the motion manually it would make it much easier to find it.    


  • Ok text search would be great and is a theme for next major upgrade. 

    You can already jump to the start of any lower with the button left to layer selector in gcode preview. And highligting selecte dcode also works (just make sure your model color is not the same as yellow highlight color).

    Automatic following the text selection is also a nice idea. Have to think about this and if there are cases where this could not be wanted. I guess there needs to be switch for it.
  • Not sure if it helps but I use notepad++ to do gcode clean up for my cnc router. Its great app in general but since it has reg ex search and replace function I can find and replace sometimes all items in one shot. for instance ifi need to replace every N01, N02, N03, etc at the beginning of each line all with G01 then I regex search for \Nd+ and hit replace all. boom done in two seconds
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