Raspberry Pi print is stuttery and slow

Hello all,

I have managed to install the repetier server software onto a raspberry pi (model b i believe) and all the manual control works perfectly. When i move the axis they respond almost instantly as does turning the fan, heated bed etc on or off.

Now it also let me upload some gcode absolutely fine and began the print nicely (bed heated up fine as did extruder) but then when it came to doing the printing moves it appear to stutter and go really slowly. As if there is a big gap between the commands it is receiving? I am currently running the same gcode i uploaded with the printer connected to my laptop and there is no problem at all. The build appears to be proceeding as normal so it isn't this specific gcode file.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


  • *** update ***

    This post should be combined with the other user who has mentioned inconsistency... just because i felt like i could i decided to try another print of exactly the same gcode... this time it is running a like a dream hah
  • The pi is definitely fast enough to print without stuttering. If it does again, please check the console and enable commands. See if you see resends or other error messages. That can of course cause delays.

    Also make sure no other software is accessing the printer. Unfortunately linux allows this, but this causes confusion and errors and stuttering.
  • Same thing here.  Raspberry Pi (Model B, no plus).  Raspbian.  Repetier firmware on the unit -- prints fine from the host.

    Small prints via repetier server (ie calibration cubes) work.  Complicated forms do not, they get into the small-movements, and then bog down.

    Nothing in the logs.
  • Trying the same operation again with a Raspberry Pi 2.  Identical settings/connections.  Will report results.
  • Update: Pi 2 -- No issues after an hour of printing.  Looks like the model B simply can't push the data fast enough.
  • We are working hard on 0.60 version where we have a solution for stuttering with Repetier-Firmware. Still searching for marlin solution. Problem arises with communication errors, so first solution is to make sure communication is error free then it would not happen anyway. Deactivating and activating helps for a while as it resets the buffer counter which get filled through errors in communication. Depending on error frequency it will come back. Second solution is to update as soon as update is available. 
  • what about releasing the fix for this issue working with repetier firmware that you already have, instead of keeping us waiting? Or at least announcing timelines for fixes and enhancements would be nice. Otherwise octoprint, event thought i don't really like it, because or event thought of its cpu utilization is getting more and more interesting. at least it works. I'd really love to get a working server, and I'm willing to pay for a working server, but don need fancy 3d graphics for previews and so on, ... just a server to print reliable.  
  • Publishing the current state would also publish current problems. As soon as they are fixed we publish 0.60. Should be within 2 weeks.
  • thanks for the update, I'm really looking forward for 0.60
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