Language detection

Would be nice, if you can add function "force language" to Repetier Server user interface settings. Even though I have correct locale in our computer & browser, UI not detecting my locale a still using only EN language. Yes, I can make bookmark with ?lang=xx, but it is not OK i think.


  • Actually, you can change the default language. Add in your storage directory in database folder a Repetier-Server.xml (windows) or repetier-server.xml otherwise with the content

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    with your default language and that will be the default language.
  • Tried... but without luck. Restarted server after file created and still in EN.
  • Does your browser contain a default language like en as well? Default means if no language in your preferred languages and order match it should take that. So if chrome has language en it will take english. If it only contains dutch it will take cz. If it contains cz and then en it will use cz because it comes first in your language list also en is available as well.
  • I have only one language in my FireFox - CS.
  • Tested change to CS in xml... still EN.
  • Ok, I se ethe problem. ISO-3166 code is cz which is also the name of the translation file. But chrome and firefix seem sending cs instead, which they do not find. I will add an alias for next release, so detection then works correctly.

    As temporary solution go to installation directory. In languages folder rename all cz.* files into cs. Then in www folder edit languages.json and also replace cz with cs in the translation line and restart server. Now it should detect it. You might get problems with write permissions so use "sudo nano languages.json" for edit.
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