Share printers between servers

Give the server the ability to share printers other servers on the network.  For example: I have multiple printers located far enough from the server it would not be feasible to connect all of them via USB to the server.  They are however in range of a network.  I could connect the printers to separate servers connected on the same network, share the remote printers with the primary server then I could control them all from one interface.


  • That is quite difficult at the moment but planned in a later stage.
  • In the meantime perhaps something to help manage multiple servers.  Have an option to specify a pool of servers on the same network.  Then at the top of the UI (be it the touchscreen or web interface) have a drop down to select a server to access.  This would help with the administration of multiple servers all from one touch screen or web interface.
  • Yes, that is something you can easily do. Make a webpage using iframes and at the top a selector for the printer to be shown in the bottom. That works. It is not adviced to use css tabs here since that would load all the same time and that costs quite some resources then. Especially on a tablet.
  • Hi,

    I am trying to do a simple website using iframes but seems that chrome does not load them, and IExplorer is "protecting" from the use of them. Any suggestion?
  • I'm quite sure iframes are still supported. If they do not load your syntax might be wrong.
    But I hope you do not try to run several instances in one page. That might be quite heavy for chrome. Better is to have one iframe with selects and one where you have the active server you currently use.
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