Minor improvement for cross server talk

It would be handy to have a button to test alternative server config. If I add / change config all it says is "waiting for next query!"....Replace the message with a button making a call to check if everything is fine.

PS: Still more than happy with Repetier-Server but been waiting for fixes / new features of 80.4 for quite some time now :-(


  • We are currently working on 0.80.4 and it will come I guess in may.

    What do you think should the check button do? 
    Searching for "waiting for next query" did not show a hit in sources, so I'm not sure where you see that. Is that a response from your firmware? Which?
  • Sorry, my description is unclear...It is independent of the firmware I guess.
    Go to "Global settings" > "Connectivity". Assuming you have an Alternative Server configured, click on edit and apply changes (no actual changes required), it then says "Waiting for next query!". And in my case, shortly after "Server is not reachable". Here it would be helpful to have a button "test connection  / configuration"

    The server not being reachable is a different issue, but let me elaborate quickly on it too. When I enter IP:port as defined in the section Alternative Servers, I can see the website loading just fine. So I am inclined to conclude that it is not a firewall / network issue blocking the connection. And I triple checked the API Key as well. Any idea what might be going on here?
  • Ok, I know what you mean now. The only valid test if connection is really possible is login to the server not seeing other server with ssh and send

    and check the file returned. If that works the server must also see it since it uses same routing. Especially if you have several sub-networks or routing is set up wrong you might see the server but server might not be able to communicate with others.

    Regarding test button - the test is automatical repeated every 60 seconds. If it succeeds it shows a list of outsourced services instead of the error message.
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    Ok, thanks for your hint how to test the connection manually. It seems that I can http but not wget into my other server....Disabling the local firewall on the "guest" server did the trick. 

    Can you tell me the parameters of the firewall rule (windows 8.1) as protocol type, local and remote port (assuming its a standard repetier installation)?
  • Server only uses TCP over port 3344 so that is quite easy to define.
  • Thanks, network stuff is not my strong suit, but rule for port 3344 in and out-going for private network did the trick.
    Issue closed.
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