Speeds seem off. Espically for 1st Layer.

I seem to be noticing a issue with my speed settings. They do not feel right to me from what I set them to, to what they actually do. It became very evident to me that something might be wrong when I changed from mm/s to % on the First Layer. I normally have my First Layer set to 15mm/s but I just changed that First Layer Speed setting to 50%. When I did that everything went twice as fast. I was thinking that 50% would be slower than 15mm/s for some of settings, well most of them. For example my Perimeters are set to 20mm/s so 50% should be 10mm/s, yet they were moving like they were about 60mm/s while it was set to 50%. This seems odd to me.

Am I missing something?
Have any of you noticed a similar issue with the Slic3R Speed Settings?

Here is a pic of my speed settings if it helps:



  • Never tried percent but help bubble says it is percent of default speed, which is 30 so 50% should still be 15mm/s. But since we do not develop the slicer I can not say more to this.
  • Hmm Well that would make sense for the various speed changes as my "default" settings speeds are higher than what I am using right now.
    I was thinking that when it said that in the bubble, that it was taking the 50% from the default settings you modified above for each particular profile; not from the separate "default profile". It just seems odd that they would design it to do that. To use settings from one profile for the first layer then the rest from another all because you change from a fixed speed in mm to a %.

    Well you learn something new each day if that is the case. :)

    Thanks for the reply and thought on it. It is much appreciated. ;)

    Default Profile:

    Modified Profile:
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