How do I complete eradicate Repetier Server from my iMac

How do I complete eradicate Repetier Server from  my iMac.
After days of trying to get a Apple iMac driver installed - and finally succeeding....  because of other issues I was advised  to try the Server.
I did, it  does not control my Anet A8 printer -  but worse - when I go back and open Host - even though  teh driver is listed in the printer preferences/settings -  Host cannot connect to the printer.  Noe can  the new 2.5 Cura - which DID  before I  installed the server.

Its not an  app that c an be deleted - but I have deleted its file  in the  Library.    I am  now back to where I starte 2 weeks ago with a printer that can only function  by SD card.

Advice please to  get rid of any trace of the  Server  and can any Apple iMac guru  advise on  installing a driver  that goes through the install procedure - but  does not show in the terminal - ls/dev/tty*  check.

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