Repertier Server killed USB connection for Repetier HOST

I am  having connection problems with my iMac and my Anet A8 3D printer.   I finally got it to run via USB - though unable to upload to SD card - which may  just be an Anet  issue.

A suggestion in another post was to try the server and check if it make a difference.  It does... because Repertier Server  killed USB connection for Repetier HOST! 

Can anybody advise how I get rid of the server and its affects of the  host?

Try to connect and error is -   9:23:34 am: Couldn't open port for device wchusbserialfa120

Advise please...


  • You need to disable printer in server to free port for other software.
  • Repetier said:
    You need to disable printer in server to free port for other software.
    I used a terminal code  from a similar thread to this and it removed SERVER files.  I did a cold re-boot - I installed  CH341 - did a cold boot again -  no driver showing in HOST. Installed  CH34x v1.3   did cold boot.... nothing showing in HOST.
    Checked System Report > USB - not listed there.
    Did terminal - no driver listed - check this. 
    sh-3.2# ls /dev/tty*
    /dev/tty                /dev/ttysf
    /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port    /dev/ttyt0
    /dev/ttyp0                /dev/ttyt1
    /dev/ttyp1                /dev/ttyt2
    /dev/ttyp2                /dev/ttyt3
    /dev/ttyp3                /dev/ttyt4
    /dev/ttyp4                /dev/ttyt5
    /dev/ttyp5                /dev/ttyt6
    /dev/ttyp6                /dev/ttyt7
    /dev/ttyp7                /dev/ttyt8
    /dev/ttyp8                /dev/ttyt9
    /dev/ttyp9                /dev/ttyta
    /dev/ttypa                /dev/ttytb
    /dev/ttypb                /dev/ttytc
    /dev/ttypc                /dev/ttytd
    /dev/ttypd                /dev/ttyte
    /dev/ttype                /dev/ttytf
    /dev/ttypf                /dev/ttyu0
    /dev/ttyq0                /dev/ttyu1
    /dev/ttyq1                /dev/ttyu2
    /dev/ttyq2                /dev/ttyu3
    /dev/ttyq3                /dev/ttyu4
    /dev/ttyq4                /dev/ttyu5
    /dev/ttyq5                /dev/ttyu6
    /dev/ttyq6                /dev/ttyu7
    /dev/ttyq7                /dev/ttyu8
    /dev/ttyq8                /dev/ttyu9
    /dev/ttyq9                /dev/ttyua
    /dev/ttyqa                /dev/ttyub
    /dev/ttyqb                /dev/ttyuc
    /dev/ttyqc                /dev/ttyud
    /dev/ttyqd                /dev/ttyue
    /dev/ttyqe                /dev/ttyuf
    /dev/ttyqf                /dev/ttyv0
    /dev/ttyr0                /dev/ttyv1
    /dev/ttyr1                /dev/ttyv2
    /dev/ttyr2                /dev/ttyv3
    /dev/ttyr3                /dev/ttyv4
    /dev/ttyr4                /dev/ttyv5
    /dev/ttyr5                /dev/ttyv6
    /dev/ttyr6                /dev/ttyv7
    /dev/ttyr7                /dev/ttyv8
    /dev/ttyr8                /dev/ttyv9
    /dev/ttyr9                /dev/ttyva
    /dev/ttyra                /dev/ttyvb
    /dev/ttyrb                /dev/ttyvc
    /dev/ttyrc                /dev/ttyvd
    /dev/ttyrd                /dev/ttyve
    /dev/ttyre                /dev/ttyvf
    /dev/ttyrf                /dev/ttyw0
    /dev/ttys0                /dev/ttyw1
    /dev/ttys000                /dev/ttyw2
    /dev/ttys1                /dev/ttyw3
    /dev/ttys2                /dev/ttyw4
    /dev/ttys3                /dev/ttyw5
    /dev/ttys4                /dev/ttyw6
    /dev/ttys5                /dev/ttyw7
    /dev/ttys6                /dev/ttyw8
    /dev/ttys7                /dev/ttyw9
    /dev/ttys8                /dev/ttywa
    /dev/ttys9                /dev/ttywb
    /dev/ttysa                /dev/ttywc
    /dev/ttysb                /dev/ttywd
    /dev/ttysc                /dev/ttywe
    /dev/ttysd                /dev/ttywf

    So  I  have no idea what to try next.... does anybody have this problem??   All was OK until I  installed Server!
  • Honestly, server does not install or delete any drivers. Noidea why this driver is so troublesome. Until now I even did not need to install a driver at all.

    Could it be that you have parallels and the device is just assigned to the virtual machine? Then you do ot see it in mac.
  •  I think parallels is an included app on iMac - but I have never used it - I had enough problems Withe Windows XP, Vista and 7 and  moved to Apple OS and  see no reason to  run any windows stuff on my iMac! 
    No matter what I do - when  install CH341 and CH34x v1.3 - the run the  install process and  the  pop up says Successful.... but they do not show in Host and a terminal  check shows they are not installed as does a System Report.

    Am I the only person  on the planet using an Apple OS 10.12..4 Sierra iMac that has this problem.

    I have a mini Mac and on that one -- I cannot use Repetier because what prints OK  from SD card -  does not work using Host -because when it runs - its starts printing about 20mm above the  hotbed!   

  • I found the solution!

    The problem is that the firmware on  Anet motherboard  - does not use a real USB connection.

    After some information passed from a forum - I  downloaded  - " "  Its a USB - Serial bridge.   I rean the  application.... when it finished - restarted the computer, opened HOST and check the  printer settings.  Selected the driver and  then  set up a print controlled from  computer via USB cable... all is well and my world is a better place!!

    Thanks to all  who  tried to find a solution.
  • Glad you figured it out. The Prusa i3 does the same thing of using a serial COM through USB. Not sure why, but guess that's a Linux thing.
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