Z move wrong after homing

Good day,
I modified the repetier firmware for my printer to move to Z-Value 20 after homing.

When I enter my Z-Position with GCode after homing, for example G0 Z10, it works as expected and moves to Z10.

But if I use the move-buttons for Z in Repetier-Server Control after homing, the server still thinks the printer is at Z-position 0 since it moves to Z0 or Z10 if use the Z-buttons with a selected value of 10mm. 
It shows me the correct value(20) after homing in the z-position display in the server but i guess for the buttons it's still at Z0. 


  • In server configuration you can set z coordinates after homing. Z10 is unexpected and I think you have set it to 0, so server assumes of course z=0 after homing which is not true.
  • Is it possible to use the value from the printer? Since it returns its position values anyway after homing, so you wouldn't need to define it two times.
  • No that is not possible. We had this in repetier-host and with 2.0 release we removed it again. This value is potentially stale as what you get back is not response to last send command necessary. Also some firmwares now include G92 offset in these values while others don't, so we can not trust these values any more.
  • Ok, thanks for the information! :)
    I got it working in the server now, but I don't see an entry in the new Repetier Host 2.0 to set the Z-Home Position value. 
    I can choose to use ZMin as the value after homing, but I found nowhere to enter that value.
    It would be very nice if you could add that there, too :D
  • Yes, host ha dit's solution long ago where firmwares only homed to 0 and max:-) Should really update it, but must think how to do this without making old settings different. Maybe just during conversion copy min or max depending on setting.
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