3D View: Last few layers instead of wireframe

When printing, Repetier host switches to "reduced visual quality" mode for the "3D View" tab after a while, and continues to display just a wireframe, which I find hardly useful as there are just too many wires cluttering each other. This behavior can be disabled in the preferences, but I think it would be more useful to reduce complexity by displaying just the last few layers in high visual quality instead of having the whole thing displayed as wireframe. Regarding the number of upper layers being displayed, Repetier host could use the same threshold which triggers the "reduced visual quality" feature in the first place.
I guess this would be just a "nice to have" feature, as the 3D View is not so important anyway.


  • You can disable this behaviour on own risk in preferences -> basic settings -> reduce quality.

    Reason for this is that when updating 3d view gets to slow it might also get not enough lines to printer as that would slow down as well (except if you print over repetier-server). So we reduce to simplest viewing model to get some speed back. This can also happen if you do something else on the computer so it slows for that reason.
  • It is difficult for me to see how you missed my point and how I could rephrase to make it more clear. Of course, you would have to read the discussion's title and the entire post, not just the first sentence.
  • Ok, see what you mean:-) Would be an idea also it could be quite a bit it deletes as it is not per layer but an aggregated path for old stuff. Will think about it and if it is better then seeing all but with low quality. After all in server we only show last 2 layers.
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