When trying to print a cylinder always prints it on edge.

I am trying to print a closed cylinder.  I.E an end cap. 60mm dia 40mm high. No matter which way I draw it using Via Cad, Slicr always positions it on its edge for the print. Surely printing the bottom first then the sides would make the most sense. What am I doing wrong? I can move it around on the bed but can't rotate it to lay it flat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Slight correction to my previous post. Its when the drawing is imported into Host that the change is made, prior to running Slic3r. I also drew a small egg cup and when it was imported, it was on its side.
  • Watch out that Z is pointing up when drawing. That is common coordinate system for all printers. You can rotate in host if exported wrong oriented.
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