top layer problem using nozzle diameter of 1.0mm

dear all,
I'm using a nozzle of 1.0mm diameter with slic3r and repetier host 1.0.6. After slice with slic3r the top layer(s) are not lined at all. I've tried a lot of parameters in slic3r, top layer, perimerters, infill etc. without success. Can pls sb help? Did this happen to sb else? Thanks in advance for any help ;-)


  • image
    just added a picture of the problem.
    Any help is appreciated ;-)

  • That is no error. The host does not know real extrusion width. You need to help in Preferences->3d Visualization->filament to make it draw so wide.
  • hi, thanks for your answer.
    I've updated the visualization preferences, and the main problem is still threre, It's a g-code problem.
    I've uploaded a standard cube g-code to show this problem => 
    Thanks for your help in adnvance

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