Weird problem of communication with printer !!


I'm currently installing and doing setup of Repetier Server on a Raspberry. I installed the image offered on Repetier Server and have setup it correctly I guess (created users, connected to Wifi, setup camera).
I have setup in it my printer (Prusa i3) but I have a problem. The printer is this one ( and from specs it looks it has Repetier firmware in it so should work easily with Repetier server. Repetier Server detects well the printer, I have setup the connection to the USB FTDI device and setup at 115200.
When I click in Extruder tabs or Printer design tab (not sure of name in english as I use Repetier Server in French), none of the controls work :( No way to move the printer in either axis, or control bed heating or extruder heating !

I don't know what I'm missing here as I have read all docs I found on Repetier Server website and on Internet and find nothing wrong ! Any ideas ?

Thanks for help,



  • Actually they do not state which firmware they use, only that it works with repetier-host. So please change firmware to Marlin and reconnect. Go to control panel and send M115 to check which firmware you really have. Marlin will not react on repetier setting since it does not understand the binary format used.
  • Oki sounds like I made a big misurderstanding :D Thanks for the tip about M115 and in fact the board of the printer is running Smoothieware firmware ! Once selected in config of printer in Repetier Server everything went smoothly :) Right now I started the calibration temperature for noze and bed and it looks to go in good way so far !

    Only thing that is not working is the fan speed control but doesn't work also on keypad on printer so looks more like a wiring issue than software !

    Thanks for so fast help ;)
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