rasberry pi touch interface asking for activation

I cant find the info any where so im going ot ask here... ... I am running this on a raspberry pi with a 7 inch touch screen... the touch interface has been working beautifully until my trial expired.... now.. I cant access any of the printer functions from the touch screen now because its requiring activation.... I dont recall seeing this function being something that was exclusive to the pro version.. can some one confirm help?


  • It is a pro feature, so that would be ok. You can see this here:

  • that is unfortunate... thank you.... 

  • Very unfortunate. Because the pro-licence price is far too high for someone like myself who only wants a single install, and doesn't need or want any of the pro features, except to have the local touchscreen on my r-pi working.  This is going to send me back to octoprint.

    Maybe you should offer an intermediate license at a lower price - you'd probably get a lot of sales.
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