Future Updates?

I really do like the idea of having an app to notify me of when the print has completed certain events. However I find it lacking in functionality.

On Repetier-Server, you do not have the option to get updates every XX minutes.

In the app, we should be able to choose which server to ping and get real-time data on the print job.

Right now I see the Informer as a glorified text messenger that doesn't want to hear back from you.


  • There is no way back through your router in general, so that is not possible. For the future we plan a website where server could connect to to post such data continuously while printing and even allow to stop a print and some more.
  • Figured out the best way to keep a better eye on the server is to just DynDNS the server and use the web app on my phone. I do like the smartphone app, however I just don't see the value in it with so limited amount of information.
  • Informer was developed for cases where no backchannel is possible especially Repetier-Host which has no network access at all and server for users not having a IPv4 address so dyndns does not work.
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    That's cool... for server though, could Informer be configured so it can ping the server to get near real-time updates? The reason I use the web version for my server is to see time left on a build. Since the server can be pinged, would be a nice addition.

    Also, for the host pushes, adding ETE, ETA and Job Name would be very helpful. Then at least that can be set up to send updates more frequently to provide close to real time information.
  • Server will get realtime updates or something close in the future. This requires other techniques as informer uses. It will be a online website that collects the informations, but that is something for future.
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