Repetier Based PRINT FARM

How can I setup a Printfarm with 10 Printers?  Can some one please point me in a direction using repetier server


  • For 10 printers I would split it on 2 servers with 5 printers each.

    Maybe not using a raspberry since you might need fast USB + Network. Maybe a Odroid C2 connected with gigabit lan. Would need a usb hub to connect all printers but should be no problem I think. 

    Next version will also get option t share gcodes among printers in one instance, nice if you have all the same printers.

    Apart from this there is no difference between one and 5 printers. Just add 5 configs with 5 serial connections. Use by-id/by-path serial names so you know which printer is which and not be dependent on order of enabling the printers. I mean in /dev they get numbered ACMA0 .. 4 in order of appearance so that is not helpfull assigning them. 
  • Is there any way to control printers over WiFi from a single server instance? like using a RaspberryPi Zero with some trickery to get the serial port forwarded over WiFi to the main server? or would the latency be too high?

    I would love to give each printer its own WiFi but still control them all from a single place
  • Currently a single instance is not possible. You could make a simple webpage with 10 buttons opening the right url in an iframe below that line.

    For the long run we plan such a unification of systems, but the current codebases does not allow this so you have to wait until it is rewritten to be more flexible.
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