BIG HUGE 3DPRINTER What Server Hardware is best?

Hello I have been building a HUGE 3DPrinter with a build area if 2M x 2M x 3M (YES METERS not mm)  Also have been working on a Large printhead that is directly pellet fed.

Having worked with Octoprint I purchased a Pro Lic for Server.  

My Question what is the best hardware considering the Massive GCODE file sizes?  RASPI or build a Linux Server Box with a SSD drive to hold the GCODE file I upload?  

With A file so big I can not risk Drip feeding the file and loose network connection.

Any Help here much appreciated.

dewayne.young at me dot com


  • For server the file size is not that relevant. It just increases time for parsing and rendering images.

    Important is a stable system and a reliable disk storage. Here ssd drives surely have advantages over sd cards with respect to relyability and integrity.
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