Repetier-server doesn't connect with Velleman K8200

i am running repetier-server on my raspberry pi b+,i can access the web interface through my local network but my bellman K8200 can't get connected in the server....


  • I had another one with the same problem. He said jumpering the bridge to update firmware helps. I guess the jumper allows resetting firmware which is what server does on connect.

    Also make sure baudrate is correct.
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    What do you mean saying jumpering the bridge??and which firmware should i install??
  • I don't have a vellemann so I don't know which 2 pins he meant. He meant for flashing new firmware you have to close them so I guess it is somewhere in the documentation.

    No need to flash new firmware if the old one is working good for you. You should only close the pins with a jumper.
  • Can you link me that post please??
  • No link, it wa sin a mail exchange. But that is all he said. He uploaded the firmware and forgot to remove jumpers and then realised that connection worked.
  • Thats for velleman k8200 via repetier server,right??
  • Yes exactly.
  • In order to flash the firmware on the k8200 arduino board (arduino 2560) you must indeed connect/jumper the 2 pins on the header that says "jprog". This is also described in the manual which can be found here:
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