Wifi Connection lost after time

I have the image from the site on my pi3. It will connect to wifi sometimes. after I few minutes it will lose connection and reconnect with a new IP. Then I can't get connected after it loses connection again. Sometimes on startup of the pi it won't even connect. Not sure what's going on but would like to have this running.


  • One thing would be to remove the delete connection data as described on the image download page.

    If the wifi strength is not good enough such disconnections may happen. You should configure your dhcp server (in router normally) to always assign same ip to the pi3 mac address. That way you at least keep same ip. If strength is too bad you should consider using ethernet instead.

    Next release will get some imrovements in wifi handling, but it can not change how good connection is of course. This depends on wifi module, position in room, shielding ...
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