Adding gcode files directly to models folder

Here is my setup:

Windows 10 server with a farm of 7 printers. All printers are identical and share the same gcode files by using a symbolic link on the printer/models folder. 

So if I upload a new gcode file to printer #1 then all the printers will have the new file as well. The problem is I have to restart the server in order for it to notice the new files. Is there a trick or hack I could use to get the server to recognize the new files without having to restart it? I have been using the webAPI to programmatically upload the gcodes to each printer and this has worked 90% of the time as long as the prefixes stay aligned. (0001file1.g, 0002file2.g, etc) However, every once in a while they get off and it causes a big mess. 

I'm using a symbolic link on the folders because the 'models' folder is growing over 6gigs now and I plan on adding more printers in the future. 


  • While this works a bit it contains a potential error source, since the server does not know about the link. So if you delete in one it is also gone in all versions but server will not know.

    I will try to add a "link" in software so you can set a reference printer for gcodes.

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