Freezing on Debian

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I have installed the host v1.6.2 on Debian Jessie and configured it for my printer.  The program has frozen several times now, once when it was sending a print start command but before the printer responded, and once just after the printer had started printing an outline.

Is the host installation for Debian missing any dependencies, or does it require libs etc newer than standard Jessie versions?
The slic3r install from standard Debian repositories is 1.1.7, will that work ok?

Can I find logs or any indication of what is causing the program to freeze?
It just goes completely inactive and doesn't even redraw the window, I have only been able to terminate it by killing the process.


  • Missing libs is not the problem. That would show up errors.

    One thing that existed in the past was a incompatibility between mono and linux kernel, but if i remember right that caused it to crash and not to hang.

    You could start it from terminal with strace to see what it is doing, but I can not say if this will show anything helpful. First thing would be to find out when exactly it starts hanging and if it happens at same step/action is strace.

    Slic3r 1.1.7 is old but will work. Would advice to upgrade to 1.2.9 from their homepage though.
  • I realized I was mistaken about the version of Mono installed and upgraded to the latest.  The app is working a lot better now, tho still have not upgraded Slic3r.

    I have discovered a new problem however, I believe this is when the notebook goes to sleep,  the printer stops moving X and Y but keeps extruding.  As soon as I turn up and hit a key on the notebook, movement continues.  Now working on disabling sleep/suspend on my Debian Jessie notebook, which is proving harder than expected.

  • There is nothing in linux preventing sleep if you have not defined it in os, yes. Extruder does not keep extruding - it oozes since it stays hot. What happens is that no more gcode gets send since notebook sleeps and as soon as it wakes it continues sending gcode.
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