Z offset to adjust distance of Tip from Bed?

I have a prusa i3 clone (electron) and it works well but the end-stops are next to impossible to adjust, especially the Z axis end-stop. I have adjusted all four bed screws and it seems pretty spot on level but the tip is just a bit too far away. Is there a setting in repetier-server where I can adjust the Z height, like an offset? I just need about -0.02mm or less 


  • This is something the firmware must handle. Server only sends commands to firmware. Going below z min endstop is normally not possible but the opposite can be done normally, but would require a flexible bed so this does not damage anything.

    An other oslution is to use z max homing so you can simply change z height to adjust z = 0 position.
  • I saw the z max homing trick elsewhere in the docs but I'm not clear on how it works. I will research and see if that is a better options. much thanks!
  • It moves just adjusting to software side. Homing position at z max is not that relevant so just take where it stops and measure how much you can now go down = your z height. If this is stored in eeprom you can simply adjust it.
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