Ubuntu 16.04 LTS unable to connect to printer


I have installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS, trying to connect to my printer but no succes.
It is a zonestar prussa i3 clone with a melziV3 board.
the USB device is visible, checked all the settings(baudrate, protocol) but no succes.

When connected to my macbook, everything works perfectly without problems.

What can i do to get this fixed?




  • Did you run the configurefirst script of host to give you the permissions to connect to serial?
  • yes i did, also checked and user is in the dialup group...
  • Then I see no problems if port and baud rate are correct. Sure port is the right one? Assume baud rate is set to what works on mac.

    What happens when you connect? Any messages in log? Connect button getting green?
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