Does pro license entitle you to new versions of software once they're released?

I'm assuming the answer is yes, but I haven't seen this explicitly stated anywhere on the site or in the forums. Normally I'd just assume this was the case, but when I went to purchase a license at the linked "MyCommerce" site, I noticed that it added a line item EUR 6.99 called "Download Protection". The description makes it sound like my entitlement to download future versions of software (for 24 months) is tied to this EUR 6.99 purchase.

Can you please elaborate on what "Download Protection" is and why I would want it? If I choose not to purchase it, will I be entitled to Pro features in version 0.81 and beyond once it's released?




  • That download protection is an offer from them that they will allow later on to download the files and not needed if you make backups. We also provide the same downloads on our homepage and yes, you will be able to update until version 1.99. Should we at some time create new major versions then we will also offer discounted updates, but I do not see this in near future. We ares till working on many features that you will get as free update.
  • I thought so. Just making sure. Thanks for confirming!

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