The filament does not flow through the nozzle (Yazici agzindan plastik akmiyor)


  • Yazıcımın Modeli :Delta Kossel Mini 
    Kullandığım Yazılım :Repetier Firmware 0.92.9
    Z probe ayarları : Normal
    X,Y ve Z eksenleri : Koordineli çalışıyor.
    Nozzul Ayarları : Extruder Motor step ayarı normal , manuel filament ileri itme ve  çekme normal, Isıtma Normal 
    Ekran :20x4 LCD gösterge değirleri normal.
    Dilimleyici G-kod: sorunsuz.


    Bu kontroller sonunda yazdırmayı başlattığımda nozullden filament akmıyor. Extruder Motorunda hareket yok,Yazdırırken filamenti elle ittirdiğimde motor boşa feçtiğinde filament nozulden akıyor. Motor kilitlendiğinde ittirsel dahi extradurden filament geçmiyor.

    Extradur Motor sürücü ayarlarını kontrol ettim Step motoru değiştirdim. Boşta çalışıyor yazdırırken hareket yok.

    Bana yardımcı olabilir misiniz ?


    Moderator of my printer: Delta Kossel Mini
    Software I use: Repetier Firmware 0.92.9
    Z probe settings: Normal
    X, Y and Z axes: Coordinated works.
    Nozzle Settings: Extruder Motor step setting normal, manual filament forward push and pull normal, Heating Normal
    Display: 20x4 LCD display meters are normal.
    Slicer G-code: smooth.

    At the end of these checks, when I start printing, the filament does not flow through the nozzle. No movement in the Extruder Motor, When I press the filament by hand while printing, the motor runs from the filament nozzle in the empty wastewater. When the engine is locked, the extradurden filament does not pass even if it is repulsive.

    I checked the engine is Extra, I changed the stepper motor driver settings. No movement when printing idling.

    Can you help me?

  • First set cold extrusion 

    M302 S1

    and try to move extruder motor without filament. So you can test if motor is configured correctly. Test if it blocks when enabled and if it turns. If it does not your motor settings are wrong or motor driver defect or cable not connected correctly/defect.

    Only after motor mves start trying with filament and hot extruder. Normally there is a safety to not turn when extruder is not hot enough.
  • Thanks, Where can I check the temperature safety setting?
  • Durumu düzeltebileceğim EEPROM ayarlarında bir ayar var mı?
    I do not have a hardware problem. Everything is normal at idle. When I go to print, the extruder motor locks up and goes to waste. The engine is not stepping step by step.
  • That is Minimum extruder temperature / MIN_EXTRUDER_TEMP form config tool / configuration.h
  • Thank you. I found the problem on the printer.I checked the settings of the motor driver on the Printer Card. I increased the current value of the motor driver. The carbon tube leading to the extruder den nozzle is narrowed and obstructs the passage of the filament. The software you are designing is perfect without any problems.

    a only Problem:My printer , the nozzle head goes up slightly from the orjin to the edge of the tray.
  • EEPROM usage is active
    How do I tell the nozzle to move over the bed as the x, y, and z axes move away from the center.

  • The tray is flat but the Nozzle head rises to the air as it moves to the sides of the tray.
  • That happens if ratio of diagonal rod length and horizontal radius is wrong. You need to calibrate gemoetry settings to correct such settings. Google "escher delta calibration" for a solution that tells you what to change how. Use the 6 dof solution with I think it was 7 probe points.

    As a last resort use distortion map to correct remaining errors. See our z leveling tutorial for this.
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