Nozzle not moving in X and Y axis for smaller objects

Whenever I give a print of smaller objects nozzle would only move in Z axis. It will only print in X, Y axis if object is larger or scaled to higher value. And another problem is for larger objects it only prints in one corner of a bed and won't utilize whole bed.

What should I do ? Please help.


  • Printer does not know how big a object will be so there is nothing special for smaller objects. More likely it is the problem not printing in big areas of your bed and if the small object is there it will not be printed. I guess the firmware has a different idea of where printing is allowed then you have. So check firmware settings on what your print area would be.
  • Would it do this if the bed size was set too huge in firmware ?
  • Not for min homing, otherwise coordinates would be way off. You loose of course software max endstop then.
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