Updating Repetier Host

I have a version of Repetier Host that is customised by Print-rite for my Colido printer "Print-Rite Colido Repetier-Host V1.5.5". This works okay but the versions of Slic3r and Cura are aging and Print-rite don't seem interested in updating it. So I wonder what's the worst that could happen if I installed the standard Repetier-Host, which I assume incorporates the latest versions of slicers. What do I have to do to configure to my printer - maybe just copy over the printer settings? Will the standard Repetier-Host allow me to update Cure/Slic3r as newer versions emerge? What should I be wary of?


  • Actually print rite updates their software regularly, but for some reason all versions must have the version name 1.5.5. If you install latest from website you should see it appear in title as 1.6.2.  With release 2.0 coming soon you will get a new slicer Slic3r Prusa Edition and a bit later also a new CuraEngine.

    Copying the printer settings to original will of course also work. The slic3r and curaengine profiles are just files on disk. Slic3r will appear anyway and CuraEngine is u subdirectory in workdirectory that you can be copied to new work directory. Just note that each printer has it's set of slicer data here so copy the right subfolder named like your printer.
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