retracting before @pause

I've had a look around but I cant seem to find an answer to this at all.

I understand that @pause saves the location etc which is awesome. But in the time it takes me to then get to the printer and move the head up I get a horrible indentation on the print as the head as been sitting on it hot.

I was wondering what sort of steps can I take to move the head from the print area and do a retraction and then do the pause.

I'm assuming ill have to save the original co ordinates as the pause will be recording incorrect ones after the move?

I'm fairly new to gcode so i'm still trying to get my head around it.




  • Server has event dependent gcodes. One event is pause where you could move the head out of the way e.g. 
    G1 X0 Y0 F12000

    Since pause stores start position it will go back to it after pause but with this move directly at the beginning you get no blob there. Using relative coordinates you can also retract extruder a bit.
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