V1.0.6 - No Flowrate?

Just started running the new version.  I see Feedrate is still there on the manual controls, but Flowrate is gone?  I don't know about anyone else, but I found that feature to be extremely useful at times.  Especially on larger prints where there is a significant amount of surface area to the first few layers.  My printer would usually over-extrude on these, but I could compensate bu just changing the flow rate until the frist couple of layers were done.

Also, it seems the window at the bottom is gone.  Unless I just can't find the tick box to turn it back on.  This one isn't a big deal really, 99% of it's usefulness was just saying which layer it was on.  But since that is over to the side, it's not a big deal.

Other than that, working great :)


  • These things disappear if you have selected easy mode. Disable easy mode and you get them back.
  • D'oh!  Now I feel stupid   :-O

    Just a new laptop and installed it.  Totally forgot about Easy mode.  Thanks!!!
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