Download info ambiguity

edited March 2017 in Linux
Could somebody please clear up the Linux download page info and/or the Linux installer?
I read on the page:
"The Linux installer comes already with everything you need. It includes Repetier-Server, Slic3r, CuraEngine, Skeinforge, Python and Pypy."
So I removed my existing Slic3r on my Debian machine, then ran the repetier install only to see it telling me that Slic3r is supported, if I install it myself and update some path settings.
Just a little disparity between versions?


  • That was in the past, now skeinforge ans slic3r are not included in linux version and you need to install them manually and set the path to it in slicer manager.
  • Thats fine, not a prob, just would have saved me some time if the info on the download page matched that.

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