Crashes at start up after adding new slicer

So I attempted to add a new slicer config to Repetier. I input the name but forgot to point it to an exe. When I created a new config with the same name and clicked add Windows showed a program exception asking me to continue or quit. I clicked quit and now every time I launch Repetier windows says it's not responding and it doesn't launch.

Any help?

I'm fine with reinstalling the software but I want all my settings because I don't want to go thru the hours of putting in settings again.


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    Reinstalled without uninstalling. Repetier host still fails to launch.

    EDIT: I found the slic3r and cura settings in my Appdata folder that were tied to Repetier host. Now I that I know I can save my print settings I'll go ahead and uninstall repetier host completely and get back to this after work.
  • SLicer configs are in registry HKCU/Software/Repetier/slicers. There you can delete slicers directly. It will not delete the slicer settings it self, just the entry in the slicer list.
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    I uninstalled repetier after backing up cura, slic3r, and repetier in appdata. I wasn't able to get a successful launch of repetier until after I cleaned out my registry with CCleaner. Repetier is now running again, albeit without my slic3r settings. But it seems all that stuff was saved in txt and ini files so I should just be able to drag and drop.

    EDIT: Slic3r files were in "\appdata\Roaming\Slic3r" and cura was in "\appdata\Local\Repetier Host"
    So if anyone wants to do a clean install but keep slicer settings, those are where they're at.
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