Reconnect before each print


I'm very pleased with Repetier host v1.06 however I find that I need to disconnect and reconnect before starting a new print otherwise the hotend temperature doesn't register although it is heating. The first time this happened the hotend reached almost 300C before I realised what was going on.

Does anyone have any suggestions please? I'm using Marlin on Ramps 1.4 card and Kisslicer to slice.




  • Never heard that this is needed. What a reconnect does is resetting your firmware. So I think your last print did not finish completely or even crash the firmware. You should test if the printer is still responsive and not heating after a job. Otherwise no idea why it happens, but I'm no Marlin expert.
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    The printer is responsive and heating is turned off after a job, I'll also ask the question on the reprap forum.
  • Same problem using arduino mega and ramps 1.4 full manual control slicer works printer heats up bed zeros in and nothing ... happend to pull the usb and it made first move plugged it back in and started print worked fine complete print .... is it something in connection settings? ??? Or just a bug ??? Or in configuration.h on the firmware? ??
  • @lieflight3d what you describe is something I not think is possible. How can a print start when you unplug? No data will be send and host will go offline and stop print. After plugging usb in you need to reconnect right? Then you could start print.

    If you do not have reset on connect enabled, you might get problems with connecting under some circumstances and would see many resends in log.

    One other thing with Marlin is that if we miss a "ok" in the response due to transmission errors, connection will hold but no communication goes on. Then press "ok" in manual control at the bottom in expert mode and print will continue. 
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