Printer power control

At the moment the printer power on/off function toggles a pin on the arduino, designated (ps-on) to switch PC style power supplies on and off,  what I would like to know is it possible to use a pin on a raspberry Pi to toggle a solid state relay ( I know that the Raspberry Pi can do this ) but how would I go about routing the 'Repetier Server,  printer on/off  power function' to a pin on the Raspberry Pi.

I am planning to have one Repetier Server instance embedded in each physical printer.


  • See manual for advanced setup on how to add calls to external software as menu entries. You can toggle then the pin in a script and call it from server. We just had this recently in the forum even with bash script.
  • Many thanks for the quick reply,  I will look into this.

    Kindest Regards.
  • Is it possible to intercept the 'Printer Activate', 'Printer De-Activate' commands from the Repetier Server Web GUI in order to run a number of commands on the Repetier Server host,  the printer I have designed has a number of electrical subsystems that cannot be initialised by the repetier firmware alone.   I could add this as a menu option ( as per instructions in manual ), but re-using the Printer Activate / Deactivate function in the Repetier Server GUI would 'look' better to a prospective customer.
  • It is not intention to deactivate/activate all the time. This should normally be used only when you need th eport for a different software, normally we autoconnect.

    For connectioon established we have a "Run on connect". Since we never disconnect (except disable) we have do before disconnect command here. You could have a named script for this.
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