Meas. Probe Height on latest dev

When I use the "Meas. Probe Height" feature a point gets probed and the log returns:
2:31:10.421: Z-probe:NAN X:100.00 Y:100.00
2:31:10.433: Z-Probe height set to: NAN

After that, Z-Probe Height is no longer listed when viewing the EEPROM setting with Repetier Server. To correct it, I exported my EEPROM, updated Configuration.h and changed the EEPROM set and reflashed. Z-Probe Height reappeared in EEPROM settings. I was able to import my EEPROM settings.

I tried it several times with the same results.

Running a MKS Base 1.2. Repetier Server 0.80.3 and the current version of dev from


  • It should neverr vanish from eeprom listing. Maybe if value is nan it gets somehow stripped by javascript, i have to check that. But entering M205 in colsole should show it with nan. I guess that it would also show an other value with nan causing the computation of height also to get nan. Since you have stored eeprom try M502 M500 And then rstore from eeprom. This should initalize all variables and assuming no nans in your stored epr file it should fix the issue.
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