Problems with X homing when finishing a print or emergency stop

I installed Repetier Server on a Raspberry PI.
I have the following problem:
When a print finishes or I press the emergency stop button, the hot end starts moving away from the X endstop, and hits the frame (the belt skips).
If I remove the G28 X0 from the slicer, than the problem with the end of print is gone, but that's not OK for me.
I didn't had this problem when printer was connected directly to the PC using Repetier Host application.
Chinese printer - DMS DP5, Marlin firmware

Any ideas?


  • G28 X0 is interpreted by firmware and does what it wants to do. As long as server is sending it the server does it right. With all thepossible configurations it is hard to say why homing does not work correctly. Maybe just adding G1 X0 instead helps?
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