Rasperry Pi Display freezes after selecting the language

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Hello guys,

I am running a Rasperry Pi 2+ with Repetier Server Pro 0.80.3.

After selecting the language to be Russian, the display freezed.
Restarting the system didn't help...
What can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you for your help!


  • Unfortuneately some languages contain chars making problems in front end mode, which we detected only after the release so it will be solved in next release.

    The solution is to start fronend with explicitly selecting language. Easiest way is if you have no users defined. Then you can open the interface in any browser with

    see then lang=en at the end! Then you can select a working language for interface until next release.

    Alternative login with ssh and go to
    and oprn autostart e.g.
    nano autostart
    and edit the url in the command line to end with lang=en

    restart pi and it should work again.
  • Thank you!
    I'll wait for a new release.
    While using the method http://myIP:3344/?lang=en
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