Repetier Host 1.0.3 running out of graphic memory fix?

I have able to work around this issue by setting the visualization level to medium.

My Windows 7 machine is an Intel core duo running the Intel Graphics chip.

Perhaps purchasing an new graphics card would help. How much graphic memory should such a card have?



  • I've checked and the built in graphic chip on my computer has a total of 256 MB of video memory. That should be enough to render most models. Does any one have any experience with this issue?
  • Probably any non-intel card would work. Of course more memory is always good. Especially filament preview takes huge amount of memory as it makes from 1 line 8 points and 8 triangles for medium, and each higher level doubles ram usage.
  • Thank you for the reply. Setting the visualization to medium seems to work fine on small models.

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