Rep Host crashes when slicing using curaengine

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Problem as per subject

OS is Fedora 25

Slicing with Slic3r works well, and using curaengine works sometimes, but more often that not it crashes ( Ihavent worked out if theres any pattern to it yet )

here's the terminal output:

[lots of these...]
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB
Rebuild object False

Unhandled Exception:
System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'Stream has been closed'.
 at System.IO.FileStream.BeginRead (System.Byte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 numBytes, System.AsyncCallback userCallback, System.Object state
Object) <0x415812d0 + 0x002bf> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Diagnostics.AsyncStreamReader.ReadBuffer (IAsyncResult ar) <0x41586da0 + 0x0042b> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.IO.Stream+ReadWriteTask.InvokeAsyncCallback (System.Object completedTask) <0x41586d20 + 0x00053> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callb
ack, System.Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) <0x41168330 + 0x001fd> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (System.Threading.ExecutionContext executionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback callback, Sys
tem.Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) <0x41168020 + 0x00023> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.IO.Stream+ReadWriteTask.System.Threading.Tasks.ITaskCompletionAction.Invoke (System.Threading.Tasks.Task completingTask) <0x41586b
b0 + 0x0011f> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.FinishContinuations () <0x41586120 + 0x0029d> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.FinishStageThree () <0x41586080 + 0x0006b> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.FinishStageTwo () <0x41585960 + 0x00133> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Finish (Boolean bUserDelegateExecuted) <0x41585750 + 0x0009f> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteWithThreadLocal (System.Threading.Tasks.Task& currentTaskSlot) <0x41584a90 + 0x0017b> in <filename unk
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteEntry (Boolean bPreventDoubleExecution) <0x41584860 + 0x000bf> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.System.Threading.IThreadPoolWorkItem.ExecuteWorkItem () <0x41584830 + 0x0000f> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue.Dispatch () <0x4123dc90 + 0x001f8> in <filename unknown>:0  
 at System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback.PerformWaitCallback () <0x4123dc70 + 0x0000b> in <filename unknown>:0 

(sorry cant see any way to format code etc)

Thanks for any input to resolve



  • Looks like CuraEngine did not slice and output file is not present. Normally a result of wrong slicing parameter. Why that crashes host under linux is not clear - in windows it shows the slicing error instead.
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