Speed settings

I've used repetier for over a year now. I've been using slicr3. On the last upgrade to repetier 1.06, slicr3 has had issues with giving me the proper results in the infill of interior areas of a print. So I've been using cura. Many thing about it I like better. But I need to be able to slow down the printer speed when printing the last layer, even the last 2 layers. I get a much better finished result, especially when the model has a smaller foot print at the top than the bottom. How can I/ or can I-control the speed of the last layer or so? Now I just have to manual slow down the print with the repetier slider, but I have to watch the print and that's a pain -mark


  • After slicing go to preview and select g-code. Then select at the bottom the layer where you want to slow down and press the button left of the button. Now you are at the beginning of that layer. There you enter

    M220 S50

    for 50% of normal speed. Same as the slider but you enter it before printing so timing is always correct. No manual intervention.
  • Thank you. I'll try that. Meantime, is the a really good books or resource for those of us that don't write code to learn some of these basics?
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